Weekly Opportunities – Company in Spotlight, Slack!

Weekly Opportunities – Company in Spotlight, Slack!

Science and Technology is a field that has been seeing a surge of opportunities recently. ICT firms have cropped up everywhere, and with that, there is a huge demand of skilled people in the fields of information technology and computer science, and here’s us with a new set of weekly opportunities 🙂


Internships are abundant as of lately, and with the current COVID pandemic, a lot of previous companies, which were used to hiring among their own region have shifted to remote applications.

A personal opinion of mine is, tech is a field that has one of the easiest entry options. You do not require a proper certification or a degree to obtain a job, but rather skills, and a good set of projects or portfolio will pave the way itself.

Anyways, getting back to the topic, here are the five opportunities in tech for you all –

  1. Software Engineer at PayPal
  2. Software Engineer at CIA
  3. Software Engineer/Developer Internship at T-Mobile
  4. Software Engineer at Stellar Space

And, let’s talk about this blog’s company in focus.


Here is an opportunity from the company in focus – Software Engineer at Slack

So, what is Slack?

I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of Slack before! 

But for the sake of the blog, let’s assume you don’t. 

Slack is a messaging platform, but heavily geared towards being a platform made for teams. If you are a team manager, and want a platform to manage people, Slack is the way to go. Comparable to Discord, but instead of relying on third party bots, Slack lets you integrate apps like GitHub, Google Calendar, Google Drive to enable seamless productivity and minimal clutter. 

The company behind Slack, is one of the Silicon Valley’s fastest growing startups. The culture revolves around – ‘Work Hard, and Go Home’. 

That is, you work for 6-8 hours for maximum productivity, and then you’re done. 

Slack tends to hire a diverse workforce, which is extremely crucial to build a global team. A diverse team brings forth an abundance of ideas, which is not possible should employees be hired from a singular place.

By the way, if you would like to see opportunities in another field next week, or want us to cover something in specific, why not drop us a message? 

Fill out this form, and let us handle the rest!


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