Virtual Learning in India; Precisely’s eVidya in Community-run Underprivileged Schools
virtual learning in india

Virtual Learning in India; Precisely’s eVidya in Community-run Underprivileged Schools

eVidya: the contribution by the Precisely team in the revolution of Virtual Learning In India.

Education is a child’s birthright. It is one of the primary needs that a person has during their lifetime.

To make education exclusive would be a hindrance to a child’s well-being in his future.

Despite the sentiment, quality education continues to be something that is exclusive, not due to societal barriers, but the financial ones.

Schools cost money, and good schools tend to cost more than a less-than-average household can manage.

In the current pandemic, schools have shifted to virtual learning.

Most schools have, but a lot of community-run schools in India have not been able to successfully adapt to the current scenario and try virtual learning.

The reason being, there is a lack of resources to enable them to provide such a service to their students.

The Maslow Initiative, a non-profit wing of Precisely, has been involved with a community school in an underprivileged society of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Bal Vikas Montessori is the first school Maslow Initiative has been in contact with, from logistics support to a crowdfunding campaign for the school.

The Maslow Initiative’s eVidya is a virtual learning platform which aims to provide quality, free and online education experience to such community schools.

We’ve developed our curriculum to provide holistic growth to the student, both personal and academic, which was the vision behind the TMI’s team.

Through a series of practices, TMI has been successful in developing a template for such schools, and during this pandemic, we’ve extended this template to a remote learning experience for such schools and students.

eVidya is a template which we replicate within different schools for virtual learning in India.

Setting up labs to enable students to utilize computers, providing a curriculum which is interactive, and can be practised both offline and online, along with guidance and training for teachers by our own experienced mentor network.

virtual learning in india

We hope to help more community schools because education need not be exclusive to the privileged 🙂

Updates By –

Pankaj Baranwal

Edited By –

Yatharth Rai


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