Top Paid Psychology Internships in 2020!

Top Paid Psychology Internships in 2020!

The Best Psychology Internships there are in the world, in this article. Read on to know more!

There’s a lot of confusion out there about psychology. Unfortunately, such misconceptions about psychology abound in part thanks to stereotyped portrayals of psychologists in popular media as well as the diverse career paths of those holding psychology degrees. There may be a little bit of truth in these stereotypical portrayals but there is a lot more to psychology than you might initially think.

What is Psychology really all about?
  • Psychology is all about contributing to create healthier workplaces, designing and implementing public health programs and dealing with people’s mental health issues.  
  • Psychology is both an Applied and Theoretical Discipline
Why an Internship in Psychology?
  • Will help to learn about your strength, weaknesses and interests.
  • Will contribute in enhancing your Marketability.
  • It definitely will help with Time Management, setting and achieving goals and living effectively. 
Following are the Top Paid Psychology Internships in 2020 :
  • Mom’s BeliefCurrently seeking interns who are interested in child psychology. The intern will perform supervised individual and group activities based on creative and innovative insights. 
  • Industrial Psychology – Hiring Psychology interns for a variety of internship opportunities. Paid internships are full time for three months with the potential for future full time employment.
  • Caregiver SaathiCaregiver Saathi is an endeavour to acknowledge and support Caregivers of patients with terminal illness or chronic conditions, so that together they can improve the quality of their lives, their well-being and those that they care for.
  • Psychometrics – Jombay is looking for budding psychologists to join its psychometrics internship in its Pune office. They  are looking for people who understand the world of psychology and are keen to make a difference by assisting with item creation for Jombay’s tool that are used by over 750 companies across the globe.
  • My Career IdeaProvide psychological assessments, intakes, and appropriate referrals also perform other related tasks that are a part of the agency’s operation and participate on Triage team and conduct brief assessments with students who walk in.
  • The Mind & Wellness StudioInterns will be asked to observe the sessions, assist in administrative work, write content on topics such as parenting, relationship, etc. and perform research on the given topics.
  • CogniAble – It uses evidence-based teaching methods such as applied behaviour analysis (ABA) and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) integrated with advanced data sciences methodology. Working under senior clinical Psychologist, data-taking and documentation, following instruction protocols to work with children, documenting case history in a specific format.
  • Vikalp India Private LimitedVikalp India Private Limited is a social enterprise that works with low & high-cost private schools to improve learning outcomes through an experiential math curriculum, utilizing learning aids and math kits along with supporting teacher development for primary students.
  • Datsme – Datsme is a startup that has been incubated in NSUT Dwarka, Delhi. The startup is registered under the Start-up India Mission and is funded by Government of India. Datsme is an app that helps users connect with other users in their geographic vicinity, and also computes their compatibility based on psychologically determined parameters.
  • ASMI – Initiated by Delhi University alumni, ASMI is India’s first of its kind intergenerational program that seeks to lend creative spaces to kids where they can think beyond conventions and textbook definitions. 
  • BALTIC AMERICAN FREEDOM FOUNDATION – Created in 2010, the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF) mission is to enrich the ties between the United States and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania through programs of education and exchange centering on economic growth and democratic processes.
  • Max Planck institute at the centre for adaptive rationality – The Center for Adaptive Rationality (ARC) is an interdisciplinary and international research group of psychologists, neuroscientists, economists, philosophers, biologists, and mathematicians.
  • HSE University – In the 2019/2020 academic year, the HSE Global Scholarship Competition will cover the following subjects: Foreign Languages (English), International Relations, Asian Studies, Design, Journalism, History, Cultural Studies, Mathematics, Media Communications and many more. The Competition includes one round only and is intended for those applying for Bachelor degree programmes at HSE.
  • Mental health and psychology apprenticeThis programme has been specially designed for those already studying or looking to further study psychology/mental health. If you are wanting to gain an insight and awareness into mental health in a new environment and culture then this programmes aims to provide you with such an opportunity to do so within a community setting.
  • Scott and Paul Pearsall GrantThe Scott and Paul Pearsall Grant supports graduate and early career work that seeks to increase the public’s understanding of the psychological pain and stigma experienced by adults living with visible physical disabilities, such as cerebral palsy.
  • University of MINNESOTA Scholarships for students who want to pursue their bachelors in Psychology Internships from Minnesota can apply.
  • Bournemouth University Passionate about the subject you’re coming to study? They’ll provide you a package of benefits worth over £10,000, offered over the three years of your course, including over £9,000 in installments.
  • Lancaster UniversityScholarships are available for all Taught Masters programmes, up to the value of £5,000, normally awarded on the basis of academic merit. All applicants will be considered.
  • Singapore Management UniversityThe OPF aims to provide doctoral candidates who are about to complete or have recently completed their studies an opportunity to engage in advanced training and/or research at an overseas university for one year. Besides financial support, awardees will also receive academic mentorship.

So are you ready to take a step further and change your coming generation because you know, they say that Mostly Education is the only thing which can change the lives of your coming generation, either increase or decrease the standards. So do not forget to take a look on all of the above Opportunities and try to grab as many as you can. 

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(Article contributed by Savya Sachi, Graphics by Anulipi Debnath for Precisely)

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