Tips for Class of 2020:The Line Between Knowledge and Education

Tips for Class of 2020:The Line Between Knowledge and Education

“Hello, Seekers of the Class of 2020.” are the words he starts his video with.

Anand Gandhi is an Indian filmmaker. He is also a founder of an organization called Memesys Culture Lab. He recently released a video of his title – Hello, Seekers.

I came across his video and was amazed by his ideas and his way of thinking. It was unique and refreshing.

Education is a word with a meaning that has changed over the many decades. Of course, nothing is cemented, but yet the way education is perceived has changed.

The definition of the word is subjective. Education before being formalized into something imparted in a 4-walled room was nothing more than tales by the predecessors to the children, and the young. These tales were their failures and victories. Of course, the person with the experience might not be able to make use of the knowledge he has learned, but when he passes down the knowledge to the young, he ensures the continuity of the generations. That is the goal of education.

Of course, to prepare for the future is how we humans have evolved into what we are, from apes to a being capable of thinking beyond the normal capacities, to question the workings of the world, and be curious.

Foresight is a product of hindsight. Hindsight is a product of experience.

The formalization of education has made us learn what we are made to learn, instead of venturing beyond. Education might be something you must learn in order to progress in your own professional field, but your growth as a person isn’t something that will happen if you bind yourself to a few books.

Learning must not be exclusive to your education. A broader perspective is not an innate quality, but something that is acquired through your consumption of knowledge. Do not limit your way of thinking.

True goodness does not exist. Passage of ideas does not take away the moral ambiguity. Your predecessors might have been raised alongside certain stereotypes, but that does not mean you should adopt those stereotypes. What others say is right, might not be the right thing to do. Have your own foundation and perspective into the moral principles. Keep your compass strong.

I do certainly know that whatever Anand speaks in his videos isn’t new. Of course, either you, or I knew those words at the back of our mind, but the world tends to suppress what we believe in, to force into us ideologies that restrict our own mindset. Knowing is not difficult, what is difficult is the application and preaching of those words, reminding people of their heritage and to keep the world an ever-evolving place. the sad thing about the  video is it ends , Seekers of the Class of 2020.

If you haven’t seen the video I am talking about, I do suggest you do it. You can find him on YouTube –

Good Day to you, and keep learning 🙂

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