Seeking Internships, Jobs, Graduation, Masters ; The Next Step?
seeking internships

Seeking Internships, Jobs, Graduation, Masters ; The Next Step?

Seeking Internships, Jobs, Graduation, Masters.

As a student, these 4 words have always used to revolve in my mind i.e. Seeking Internships, Jobs, Graduation, Masters. When I was in my undergraduate degree. It is justified because one of the many reasons you or I took up higher studies was to gain experience, expertise, and a professional degree to secure a better future.

With the recent pandemic, the world is on a halt, and it is uncertain when the global economy will rise up. Everyone is anxious – you, me, the global economists, presidents, and almost every single human you could think of.

I interacted with my mentors at the university and asked them what a student like you and I do during this lockdown. An interesting conversation ensued with the mentors about seeking internships, and here’s what they told me, in an easy-to-read, bullet format.

Don’t be anxious, but don’t treat the lockdown as a vacation. 

It’s alright to have fun. There will be a long time before you’ll be getting time like this.

Sleep well, exercise daily, eat a good diet.

Most of you might be studying away from home, and hopefully, during this lockdown, you’re back at home, so make sure you rest to the fullest, but don’t rest beyond a certain degree.

Keep honing your skills, because a machine that doesn’t run catches rust!

Pick up new skills.

Maybe you’ve been working on perfecting the skills you’ve picked up before, and you’ve never ventured beyond them due to a certain risk, or maybe just lack of time?

The free time you’re getting is perfect for picking up new skills!

Do online courses, read books, try to seek internships, do anything, and learn as much as you can!

Indulge in your hobbies.

Working is fun, but working every time is not. It is good to take breaks, and spend time on yourself. Playing music is fun, so is reading novels, or maybe writing short stories from your own mind.

Hobbies keep it fresh.

There are often hobbies, and interests we let go because of our inclination towards professional growth. Although your professional career defines your identity, your hobbies and interests are equally as important.

Retrospection Self-motivation books might only work up to some extent.

The gist of all the self-motivation books is that the answer to the problem you face is already in your brain.

Are you sure what you’re doing is right, or are you being a part of another rat race which will eventually lead to you feeling unhappy? That’s food for thought.

Tackle tasks at your own pace.

You know what works best for you. Decide what time you feel the most productive, and the times you feel the most sleepy.

Schedule your work around those times, and keep both your productivity and rest at max.

These suggestions are much of a value when you are positive.

The situation demands you to be positive first. Positive to fight the hindrances, Positive to adapt to the changes, Positive to switch for better, Positive to be always ready to grab opportunities.

Be happy and enhance your skills, this would only make yourself confident.

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– Yatharth Rai:

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