The Precisely Learnage program – Online classes

The Precisely Learnage program – Online classes

Online classes have been a talk for quite a while now.

Lockdown and online classes have a simple relationship. Ever since the pandemic started, schools have shifted to online classes. Despite the increase in communication-related technology, most of the changes that caused the industry to switch to telecommuting have happened during this pandemic

Online classes are a blessing in disguise. To get the same quality of education irrespective of your location is a huge change to students who live far away, and the added benefit of the following lockdown is, it promotes the idea behind social distancing. 

Be it any course, in recent times, the medium has shifted entirely online. There are disadvantages to online classes, but the pros far outweigh the cons. There are online courses everywhere. It doesn’t take a lot of time to find online courses on Digital Marketing or an online course on Python, but what these courses lack is one-on-one mentor interaction.

Therefore, we at Precisely have been working on our platform – Precisely Learnage.

What’s Precisely Learnage?

Think of it as a personal tuition class, but all of it happens online. We aim to replicate the classroom experience in an online platform.

Precisely Learnage is a platform developed exclusively to help tuition teachers in the following pandemic. Education is necessary, and the need for teachers has not stopped, but the only thing that prevents the tuition teachers from reaching out to their students is the lack of proper medium. 

Precisely Learnage is a platform that allows tuition teachers to seamlessly get in touch with their students through a simple, yet a multi-featured app that’ll let the teachers take live sessions, record their classroom experiences, share notes among the students. These features have been made exclusively to make it easier for teachers as well as for the students.

If you’re a teacher, the signup process is pretty simple. Hop onto our website at and register as a teacher.

We’ll help you set up your classroom inside Precisely Learnage, and take care of any issues you experience. If you have queries, don’t shy away from asking us, we’ve got you covered. 🙂

Let’s make education more accessible with Precisely!


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