Internship Tales #1 —  Marketing Internship

Internship Tales #1 —  Marketing Internship

Want to gain industry exposure? Then a Marketing internship is one of the things, That you can relate.

Internships are an important part of student life. They take us a step ahead of our books, into the practical world of knowledge. Internships are a great way to get firsthand experience in the working of companies in your respective field.

It is like a trailer to what you will be facing, the opportunities, the challenges and the environment when you step into the corporate and business world.

There are internships in almost every field you would come across today. There’s one which is very prominent these days, Marketing internship. And this honest effort will take you through the real-world experience of the internship in this domain.

Marketing internship is both office or fieldwork or a mix of both. The remuneration in most cases will be variable and will depend upon the work performed in the form of lead generation and sales closing.

A marketing internship with a corporate house of a Multinational Company will get you into office work. Depending on the type of product or service the company is into, you will be a part of a team, headed by a supervisor, designing marketing campaigns for a certain market and objective.
However, most of the marketing internships are available with new companies and startups.

These companies are still into establishing themselves and developing their supplier as well as the consumer base, whereas some of these start-ups might still be awaiting their launch. So your Business Development Intern profile will mostly comprise of Cold-Calling and then meeting prospects.

Now, you could be working on either side, consumers or suppliers, or both. For example, if you are working for a food delivery startup then you will be calling up your suppliers’ i.e restaurant owners, you will first try to explain over the phone about the service you provide. Furthermore, you will talk about some benefits that you will provide to the restaurant, and then you will try to get a meeting with the person. In the meeting you’ll explain to him in detail how the whole mechanism works, the benefits he will be getting, how will he get those benefits, the price he will have to pay, terms and conditions, etc. You will then follow up with him and try to close the deal. The customer side, you will be trying to convince customers to download your app, explain to them the benefits of the product and offer them discounts on their purchases from the app. This way you will try to get as many downloads possible.

In short, your marketing internship will be about meeting different people, trying to convince people to spare money for your product, and closing sales. You will get rejected many times, people won’t listen to you, they might not understand you, but this will all be a learning experience for you.

I’ll share with you an interesting thing I learnt during my internship. I had a similar profile as explained.

I interned at a SaaS Startup, we tested softwares for IT Firms. As the company was new, I had the responsibility to call upon IT Firms and then try to sell them our services. Now the problem I faced was that each company thought that I was an HR Recruitment agent, and they did not want to entertain such a person. I used to have an excel file with 10 sheets and each sheet had about 200 company names. I had to cold-call them and then try to meet them and close the deal.

So it began. I spent my 3 days on the phone. I called about 400 companies. I faced everything, rude behaviour, scolding, cut calls, dis-interest, failed explanation attempts. I had not generated only 20 leads till then. I was not in a position to face my boss as I thought that I’m done for with such a bad performance, instead he was happy with me.

He said that I have got a 5% success rate from calling. Which is the best with respect to a new marketer. He told me to focus on converting those leads now, and thus after 3 stressful days, I got a change of air and converted 1 of those leads in sale. You see, out of 400 calls that I made, I was able to convert just 1 sale.

But that sale gave me all the needed motivation to work even harder for further calls, filter out the disinterested ones and not get disheartened by failures, the word I had with my boss gave me the needed motivation to move forward with my task.

Marketing internship in Delhi
Marketing internship in Delhi

It completely changed my internship experience. Similarly, you will also learn how it works in the practical world, how the different sales persuasion techniques you learned in your marketing internship help you in your career, and most importantly the happiness you get on closing a sale.


Credits: By — Mayank Jagnany for Precisely — The Opportunity Hub

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