First Internship For Freshers Opportunity Guide 101
Internships for Freshers

First Internship For Freshers Opportunity Guide 101

Precisely brings to you , an All in All Guide to Internship for Freshers !

With the onset of Winter of this academic Year, school and college students alike are running after jobs and internships, for increasing their skill set and earning some extra bucks and feel worthwhile rather than wasting their vacations.

We at Precisely , feel that this is an Opportunity for freshers; students should grab them as it would help them to create an impressive resume for the future , and also give them the time they need to hone their skills and explore different arenas and fields of interest.

Students can take advantage of their winter vacations to either take up interim jobs , or internships.

Precisely wishes to help curious students out !


What is an internship ?


For newbies , an internship is an opportunity to get out into the real world , and get a taste of how things work in real life ( practical ) and not the imaginary stuff they dream sitting at home :p.

It is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees , referred to as internship to work with them for a few months and gain practical knowledge.

Internships are usually voluntary, and the paying ones are coveted and highly competitive.

Internships might sound exciting , but involves a lot of hard work . So why should you do one ?


Why should you do an internship as a Fresher?


Internships are highly beneficial , and help surpass your peer-mates if utilized correctly.

Some basic advantages include :

  • A chance to develop skills and gain in a specific field i.e. Specialization
  • Exploration of different fields to know which you would be pursuing later
  • Getting insights into the works of a real company
  • Networking
  • Getting paid returns ( if and only if you are a paid intern)
  • If nothing else , then at least for the credits for your university’s compulsory internship 🙂
Reality of Internship of Freshers


Most blogs focus on the highs and the “goody-goodies” of doing internships .While they are right in doing so, we at Precisely feel that providing a full spectrum of the situation is necessary to keep the student in the right know how.

An Advice : Keep your feet on the ground . Read malegra 50mg in vendita in italia on line on to know why.


What Do Interns Typically Do?


When one gets an internship for the first time, there is a certain sense of pride and accomplishment .. working in a company , in a professional environment , can give you a lot of wrong ideas.

You might have high hopes of being the Head, having a group of people working under you , or you might be doing some really important stuff because ‘ you are a really important part of the company’.

However , more so than often it’s a disillusion.

You might end up entering data in an excel sheet for a whole month.

So don’t fly , or keep really high hopes ,because internship for freshers, being unskilled as they are , are lower positions which  focus on training more than employment work.

However , don’t be disheartened. Even if you are carrying out basic monotonous activities, you can learn a lot. However ,that’s not the same for everyone . If you show a lot of enthusiasm and drive you would be considered potentially for greater responsibilities and maybe end up as a key contributor to the company or the team.


Experience that you need


When making a resume ,if you hesitate at the column stating ‘work experience’ , don’t worry, you are not the only one.

Although employers will not be expecting work experience from you , it always helps to have volunteer experience , and should be a part of your profile.


You can cover the lack of technical skills with a mention of your transferable skills .


Transferable skills may include :

  • Ability to work within a group as well as independently
  • Displaying initiative and leadership qualities
  • Prioritizing time and working efficiently
  • Being a good listener , as well as a vocal member , able to articulate your thoughts into verbal communication which can be easily understood by fellow peers.
  • Able to gather interpret and analyse information
  • Able to work with data , and effectively use computers and technology.
How to go about it


Applying for most internships is easy ; you have to fill out certain forms , attach your CV , maybe write a Statement of Purpose . But , that is what everyone else is doing as well. You have to make sure that your application stands out from the rest . and that’s the tough part.

The application process for an internship is detailed ,especially in fields like banking, corporate , law etc.


It never hurts to be early.


Start searching at least 6 months before, so as to make an informed decision and after exploring everything. It’s not okay to go along with the herd.

Apply for the internship which appeals to you and resonates with your skill set. Companies run recruitment drives a few times a year , and so you can get an idea as to what they are looking for and what you have to offer.

The selection process varies with every organisation .

Some might ask for an online application , others may have a rigorous interviewing process to select candidates. Others might only ask for a CV and a cover letter.


Making Your Portfolio


Your portfolio should consist of a medley of the following :

  • Clarity of your knowledge, skills and motivation relevant to the internship.
  • Stating what brings you to the company.
  • Emphasis on your interest in the organisation
  • Demonstrates key competitive
  • Either make your own portfolio or use one of the existing templates present in celebrated sites like Resumake etc.
  • To show professionalism add your LinkedIn profile and if you are a tech guy ,then your Github profile as well.
  • Make sure you have researched the company well enough and know their long term aim.It helps you to gel better with the organisation.
  • Talk about the projects that you have done, and your relevant achievements.
  • Keep your resume crisp and up to date.
  • Do practice how you are going to introduce yourself
  • Curate an online presence, Articles on Medium, Portfolio on websites etc.
  • Approach directly : it shows your drive when u take extra initiative and interest and that can make u a suitable candidate in the eyes of the employer
Where to look for Internships


Events are regularly updated on social media regarding Internship Fairs providing internship for freshers , and also on the following sites :

  1. JobLana
  6. Aileensoul Jobs
  8. Google for Jobs

You can also refer here to know more about industry-specific job portals.


 Internships for Freshers – Tech Students


Being from a technological background, I might as well add my two cents for those interested in Programming throughout the summer or maybe the year . It also Pays well!!

For tech stuff , the hot topics include Summer of Codes the prevalent ones being GSoC , GSoD ..etc to promote and encourage Students to work on Open Source Projects.

For more details check this out.

Some of the students prefer to spend their time developing skills rather than take up an internship , which is perfectly fine if you are actually learning something. The more common idea that students use is to enroll themselves in an online course or training platforms .


Training Platforms


‘There are a lot of Training Platforms :

  • Simplilearn : offer industry-recognized certification courses
  • Digital Vidya : popular training programs specifically in Digital and Analytics domain
  • Udacity : Popular courses regarding technical skills in the field of Computer Science
  • Udemy : More than 100,000 courses on a variety of topics
  • Myamcat : helps to assess your employability rate as well as jobs suited for you.

Learning through MOOCs also provide opportunity for freshers to hone their skills for the next internship!


Taking Internship in a different field


Students usually focus on gaining experience in the field of their courses. However, it is not mandatory to follow the herd. You can apply for internships in different fields.

Employers nowadays look for people with an all round skill development, and having worked in different fields makes you a suitable candidate for some , and an ineligible one for the others. So, choose wisely.


You have the Opportunity to experiment in different roles.


Nowadays ,Engineering or Commerce or ‘Humanities’ are not enough to take up careers which will give job fulfillment.Often, you will graduate and get a job only to realize that you don’t enjoy the actual job!

One of the best internship tips is that no knowledge that one gains from an internship ever goes to waste, even if it’s a tiny task like scanning documents.

However , interning in a different field would be more tougher since the environment would be different for you, so you have to put in a lot of effort to make your decision a successful venture.

Here is a first hand account of one of our peers at Precisely, Mr. Pankaj Baranwal who relates about his own First Internship . Pankaj has just finished his final year of graduation after pursuing a 6 month internship in Germany .


Tips for getting a Good Internship for Freshers- Pankaj Baranwal


” Depends on your definition of good internship. For me, a good internship meant different things in different semesters. In the first year of Bachelors, I was interested in exploring anything I could get my hands on.

I had special interest in Robotics and Android app development. So, during winter break, I interned at TNine Infotech (a startup by CIC alumni) which extended till the end of second semester and during summer break, I was fortunate to have received an internship at DRDO in the field of Robotics and Machine consciousness.



Based on my first year: Keep your grades above 80% as that is probably the only way to separate you from the herd that early on.



Try to explore as many domains as possible but continue working on a domain for at least two months (the time required (based on my experience) to complete a small project and get a hang of a domain). DO NOT STOP WORKING ON SOMETHING FOR LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. It does not help, at all.



Do not dream too big in the first year. Starting small and taking small steps is fine. At least in the start.

By the end of second year, I had become ambitious and had enough skills and the right contacts to actually work towards these ambitions. So, I applied for Google Summer of Code, worked hard to get in, and got in! Domains of work included Robotics and speech recognition. “


It’s Precisely these opportunities which if, taken advantage of , can paint a brighter future.

No matter what you might be aiming for professionally, it does no harm to start searching for Opportunity..

We have come up with a mobile application which performs all of these for you, it gets you personalized opportunities, like, these super rewarding fellowships, fully funded conferences, abroad internships, competitions and lot more.

You can get this app on Google Play. Download Now to not miss amazing opportunities! Precisely The Opportunity Hub.

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