Importance of LinkedIn: Facebook of Hiring

Importance of LinkedIn: Facebook of Hiring

LinkedIn is a popular platform. On the surface, it does seem like any other social media platform. You’ve got the basics – User profile, adding ‘friends’, messaging people, etc. which is almost what most of the social media platforms enable you to do. In the current era, you should be acknowledging the importance of LinkedIn.

What differentiates LinkedIn from other platforms is the fact that LinkedIn is a platform, aimed exclusively towards professionals. Professionals include students like you and me, or workers, like let’s say, a coder at some startup.

Let’s cut to the chase, and break down the importance of LinkedIn into a few points! 

This post is more accustomed towards students, rather than professionals, so, don’t worry if you’re new, let me take you through a field trip on why LinkedIn is important, in 4 points 🙂

Why is LinkedIn Important?


LinkedIn has over 500 million users. The users range from students to working professionals. What LinkedIn lets you do is form connections with them which roughly equates to adding a friend on Facebook. How is this good? 

Well, interested in working in Spotify but don’t know how? Why not get connected to someone who works over at Spotify and asks them directly? Did you find a guy who got into a certain college, and you’re curious about it, why not ask them?

I was extremely interested in a Masters Programme, so what I did was, I went to LinkedIn, searched for people in that institute doing the same course, and asked them about it!

P.S. Don’t worry if you don’t get responses, or the user doesn’t connect back with you, it is common, happens to the best of us! 


Yep, that’s what most of LinkedIn is, to be honest. Did you just work on a project that lets you categorize pets with uniqueness compared to the super bad Google’s algorithm that just clusters all animals together? Or did you just make an Android App? Why are you not flexing?

Flexing means showing off, and that’s what most of the time puts you on the stage. If the things you do are unique, why not tell the world? 

Just don’t be arrogant, and take criticism seriously. Don’t be the rich spoilt brat that can’t hold an intelligible conversation for more than 2 minutes! 

Profile Building

Your LinkedIn is your backstory. Every protagonist has a backstory, but since you’re not so epic to have your life written out by an experienced writer into a biography, you gotta do it yourself. How do you do it?

Just build up a profile on LinkedIn. Where did you study? Where did you work? What are your skills? Everything! 

Get Hired!

Get HIRED! How? Just apply for jobs over on LinkedIn, or contact a recruiter! Drop them a message, tell them you’re interested in working with them, what you can bring to the table, ask questions, and stay curious.

As a student, you might not be looking for jobs, but more for internships, and Masters. LinkedIn can help you do that, it’s more of a process, rather than something that works instantly. It takes time, but this investment you put into LinkedIn grows. You will get noticed eventually if you’re active, and you might even get direct offers! Who knows?

To maintain a profile on LinkedIn does not require a lot of your time, but you’ll know where to go when you do something awesome.

So, that’s my two cents on the importance of LinkedIn as an asset 🙂

Written by Wilson Masih

Edited by Yatharth Rai


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