Definitive Guide to Using LinkedIn in 2020!

Definitive Guide to Using LinkedIn in 2020!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

— Will Rogers

Launched about 15+ years ago, LinkedIn has become one of the most effective platforms for creating networks with similar minds and connect with them, like any social media application.

In today’s competition, each one of us is striving to make a lasting first impression. If you have an optimised Linkedin profile, it can guarantee you the right career opportunities. We try to showcase us in the best possible manner because how we showcase ourselves is how people will view us.



LinkedIn is one spot for all businesses, companies, employers and employees to connect according to their requirements. In simple words, LinkedIn is for professional networks, what Instagram is for personal. 

According to this LinkedIn official blog, the platform currently houses nearly 20 million jobs with an average hiring spree of one hire every eight to ten seconds.


The key is to build a perfectly irresistible profile that viewers cannot not be impressed with.

Just like a perfect profile on Instagram would have an organized feed and short but actionable bio, a perfect LinkedIn profile has a list of must-haves with which it can please employers to consider the application better. 

Let’s Begin With LinkedIn Language

To use the platform efficiently, you need to be well versed with what the LinkedIn app has to offer and how they are made especially for your professional use.


LinkedIn Homepage

When you log into your LinkedIn account, the very first page that shows up is the news feed, which is also your homepage. Here, all new posts from your connections and circles are listed. To keep a check of the vacancy and requirement updates, scrolling and going through the news feed thoroughly can be helpful.


LinkedIn Profile

Like your resume or CV, your profile is the page that shows your display picture, bio, skills, work experiences, educational qualifications and other sections. This is the place you have to attract recruiters to, so work on it in an organized way and make sure you keep it up-to-date always.

My Network

LinkedIn My Network

Like Facebook friends list, the LinkedIn network is the list of all the professional profiles of individuals and businesses that you have a connection with on the platform. Connect your contacts and find your people as well as alumni here and make sure you have a strong network base, as employers sometimes do pay attention to how open you are before they revert back to your application.


LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn works on your currently added information and suggests you all the jobs directly or indirectly related to you. You can filter the job recommendations in case you have customization preferences for better suggestions and suitable job requirements. 


LinkedIn Messaging

An important feature of LinkedIn is the private messaging that allows you to have all the conversations with other professional accounts, including attachment sharing option.

While these are the most obvious features one must know about, there are other specialized options at the platform that you might explore once you get a hang of it.

Now that you know how the platform works, let us come onto how to find jobs on LinkedIn. Since we all know the aim is to not simply search jobs but to apply and get hired for it, we need to focus on what the employers see when they open your profile.

❝Remember that the first impression may or may not be the last impression, but it is always the lasting impression, and most of the times, we cannot undo it.❞

A Perfect Profile

An ideal profile that is professionally strong and clear. Below are some tips that might help you build a strong professional LinkedIn profile up.

Customize your profile URL

LinkedIn URL

Your public profile URL determines where you land in a Google search of your name. A clean and simple URL that consists of your first and last name or a combination of initials (in case that’s unavailable) is good to go.

Headline and Summary

LinkedIn Headline

Headline is the only item visible along with the name and profile picture when your profile is searched, so this is something you cannot afford to be loosened at.

Come up with a crispy clear headline that blends what you do and what you are looking for next. For the summary, make sure you brief your entire profile into mere a couple hundred words.

Do not forget your aim is to provide a gist of who you are; describe your experience and skills in a way that the reader is convinced of them as quantifiable achievements.

Endorsements and Recommendations 

LinkedIn Recommendations

Rather than simply adding keywords for your skills, LinkedIn allows you to get your skills endorsed by other professional accounts with just one click.

This is an impressive feature as the employers will not only know your skills but will also view how many accounts have recognized, approved and appreciated you for them.

Similar to skill endorsements are profile recommendations. Try to get your clients and colleagues to give you quality recommendations on LinkedIn for your work to have a more strong and trustworthy profile that show casts good business personality.

Blanks in Profile : A Big NO NO!

The LinkedIn search algorithm works upon certain parameters and having an all-star profile is one of the most feasible ones for you. Complete your profile and get it all starred.

According to the data, all-star profiles have 40 times more chances to appear in the search. Only about 51% of all LinkedIn accounts have all-star profiles, which means you will have a better chance to be in the rare yet demandable profiles.

How To Look For Jobs On Linkedin?

There are many ways to search for the right job for you on LinkedIn. Once you have completely updated and enhanced your profile from the professional outlook, you are ready to look for jobs on the LinkedIn platform.

Direct Job Search

LinkedIn Job Search

The very basic way of looking for jobs on the LinkedIn website is to use the search box to find jobs through certain parameters, such as location, title, company or any keyword.

It is better to first start your search with a broad scope and then limit your requirements after you get an idea of the jobs in the results.

Keep the search filters directly as per your preferences and try to look for jobs where your network contacts are currently working or have previously worked. 

News Feed for Job Postings

LinkedIn News Feed








Many feed posts are about general announcements, many recruiters post urgent job openings directly in the feed with a list of candidate requirements. Keep a regular check through the feed or search your news feed using hashtags that suit your job search. 

Joining Groups and being Active

LinkedIn Groups

Like Facebook, LinkedIn also has a Groups feature where accounts from similar backgrounds, skills, location, job function or company can interact and connect with other accounts to create a network.

Search for groups that might be helpful to you in reaching out to the member employers and keep yourself updated with the postings in the group, as employers do add job openings in the group posts for the direct reach of the accounts with similar interests.

Openings in Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages

Like employees and employers, companies also have their business accounts on LinkedIn where they post for job openings in their Jobs tab. If you have certain companies picked out to apply for, check out the pages for these companies for any vacancies and you are good to go for direct applications.

Job Referrals via Network Contacts

LinkedIn Network Contacts

Your might wonder why creating a strong and wide network on LinkedIn is always emphasized on. This is solely to benefit with job referrals through connections, as you do not know where your network contact might have their own networks with.

Many companies have their employee referral programs where the first preference is given to the candidate recommendations that the employees make.

Networking on LinkedIn can help you get referrals from someone you know who works at the company you wish to apply for. This directly increases your chances of getting attention and if your profile is impressive enough, you might be lucky to get a call revert soon. 

Keep in mind before applying that your profile is up-to-date and free of any grammatical or technical errors. While applying, do not simply copy-paste your same cover letter for all the job openings, but recheck the content you share in your application and modify it to suit the requirements of the job.

Always remember that your profile and application is your first impression to the employer and you earn or lose your job with the very first look.

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