Business Case Competition: Brown University Mahjong Club | Deadline 5th of June, 2020
Brown University Mahjong Club

Business Case Competition: Brown University Mahjong Club | Deadline 5th of June, 2020

The business case competition is a vital opportunity for all the students, who are interested in learning the real-world business problem.

Business Case Competition; Market Analysis for an upcoming online digital multiplayer game platform

Business Case Competiton brought to you by Brown University Mahjong Club. 

The club is dedicated to providing a social environment in the Brown University community where mahjong players of all levels can play both leisurely and competitively. Their goal is to teach more students how to play.

In addition to regular club meetings, the Mahjong Club plans to host mahjong tournaments – including intercollegiate tournaments

The COVID-19 Challenge

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the club is unable to hold in-person meetings, making it difficult to teach and provide a space for students to play mahjong.

For this reason, they are hoping to build an online digital multiplayer game platform where club members can play mahjong online and interact with each other digitally.

Through their platform, they also hope to host mahjong tournaments.

Ideally, the Mahjong Club would like to have this online platform completed by the end of August (in preparation for the Fall semester).

They are currently in the process of hiring and interviewing unpaid interns and hope to have a finalized team by the end of May. 

Requirements for the case proposal

To ensure the smooth progress of the creation of its online platform, the Mahjong Club is currently seeking project proposals and ideas on how to keep the project organized in a timely manner. Some factors to consider may include:

  1. The number of interns required
  2. Team division and roles (front-end, back-end, design, etc)
  3. Step by step procedure with realistic deadlines for each task


For more information regarding the Brown University Mahjong Club, you can check the official link

Please submit your written case proposals by Friday, June 5 at 11:59pm PST latest. Submissions should be sent to the following email:

Opportunity By – Beeznests for Precisely – The Opportunity Hub

Business Case Competition

Graphics By – Upasana Chettri

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