Grant Application – Top Tips to Get Yours !
Grant Application - Precisely

Grant Application – Top Tips to Get Yours !

There are fine,specific points which can make your Grant Application stand out.

No matter what you might be aiming for professionally, it does no harm to start searching for fellowships. They might help you later in the future. Precisely provides you with Best Tips on how to Write A Grant Application . Read on !


Before You Start

Before you put the words on paper, it should be clear to you why you are writing the Application. There should be a motive, since this motive will provide you encouragement to work upon the project.

Motivation , really , makes a difference. You should really, be wanting to make it work, otherwise there is really no point in applying.


Points to Ponder before writing 


  • Do you fill in all the necessary Eligibility Criteria ?            
  • What makes a Good Research Question?
  • Is your Hypothesis feasible ? Will it be taken well by the Reviewers ?
  • Will it have any impact ?


And One of the Most Important Question : 


‘Have I researched enough ??’


You are trying to show that you can do invaluable work if given this opportunity- It should be visible in your enthusiasm and your application should reflect that you deserve this fellowship and you are capable enough for your project.

A serious and common misconception among applicants is that their applications will be accepted on the basis of how good their research idea is , or how important a subject they are focusing on is. 

However , this ‘Game’ requires a bit more than a good idea. It needs careful thought and considerable skill.

If you are well versed with your idea, and have an organised plan in front of you , and if you  are able to showcase it into your grant application, the examiners/ investigators would surely appreciate it , and it will be a big plus towards your grant being.. ‘ granted’.


While Writing A Grant Application 



Don’t take anything for granted ! ( No pun intended)


Do NOT act cocky in your grant application. Do NOT cut corners. Explain with a level of humility ,what you plan to do. Care for the respect of the Grant. 

Sloppiness and poorly thought out content is not appreciated , and decreases your chances of scoring.


 Making More and More of Less and Less


Since its assumed you must have well researched, the Reviewers are expecting a great application, maybe consisting of really specialized stuff , that even they might not understand.

Hard Work shows. So if you have worked sincerely, it would display in your Application.

Refine it as much as you can.


 Take It Seriously


Success rate for such grants are as low as 10 percent.. if you know that you have one out of 10 chance of getting an amazing opportunity, trust me you would work hard.Work Seriously on your Grant Application.


Best of Both the Worlds


Do not spend a lot of time describing your previous experience. It is important that applicants also describe what their plans are for future and how the fellowship will help you to reach your personal/ professional goals.

Your Personal Statement, Essay Responses and Portfolio all provide an opportunity for you to show who you are and why you are the right fit for this fellowship

Give it some thought. Try to not write about the copy pasted responses that reviewers receive on a regular basis. It should be fresh, and different and unique to catch the reader’s attention.

The above two Paras might sound contradictory ,but you have to learn to achieve a fine balance between the two. Remember, the keypoint is setting yourself apart from other candidates. 


Don’t Be in a Hurry


Compiling an organised and resourceful set is very important, but is very tough to put together.

It always helps to put cherry pick your ideas. Also ask around, take feedback.. And for all this you need time. 

Trust me, this article wasn’t written in a single day, and neither should your application.


Walk the Talk


Your Application , to say the least .. should be hypothesis driven.

A lot of studies are criticized for the fact that they are not specific enough or do not test out a particular hypothesis.

Strengthen your proposal by having clear and coherent content.

Also keep in mind, the reviewing committee might also consist of people who are not skilled in your field. Make your proposal in such a way, that the message reaches across them too.


Use Figures and Illustrations


I can’t stress it more deeply.. visual aids are so much better to help another person understand you.




This is an important trend for many grant funders. Ask yourself what your big idea is. Are you going to fill a knowledge gap? Would anyone care? Is the proposal timely? And how would it make a difference if you were successful?


In a Nutshell :

Steps towards Success

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Taking time to make an interesting proposal
  • Asks important and crucial questions
  • Hypothesis driven
  • Readable by workers not skilled in the field
  • Shows your intellectual passion for the research
  • Graphical and Illustrations
  • Builds on your track 

It should provide  a ‘ feel- good ‘ vibe to the Reviewers, because ultimately , they have to believe in you to give you the grant.

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