Global Youth Summits are organised every year all around the world.

These Global Youth Summits provides students with a challenging environment to explore their academic, artistic, entrepreneurial and various other pursuits. Their self-expression is encouraged and welcomed, owing to the inspirational ambiance. 

What are Global Youth Summits?

 Global Youth Summits are structurally organised meeting held at an international level. Students from all around the world participate to showcase a variety of their interests and capabilities. 

Why are Global Youth Summits Important ? 

Youth Summit meetings bring together all appropriate stakeholders. They together develop a high level strategy and/or to address a crucial, over-arching problem.

For example- The Global UN Climate Change Youth Summit wherein, young leaders from all around the world are convening to showcase climate solutions and engage with global leaders on this huge problem. 

What Will You Learn ? 

The entire world is connected digitally, making interaction from two opposite corners of the world possible.

It still cannot compare to what the youth can learn about community-building when they meet face-to-face.

To facilitate such opportunities, global youth summits are held. They consist of workshops, discussions, presentations, social events, brainstorming activities, and more that attract the most promising future global leaders.

Each of these summits, whether regional or global in scope, offer unforgettable opportunities for the youth’s growth.

They learn things not only from one another, but from the staff and various other partners as well.


By the end of it, all of the participants leave with a box full of incredible new ideas.


All of them will be equipped with a collection of experiences and stories to share with their respective teams and communities back home. The lucky participants who walk away with scholarships have a doubly rewarding experience. 

Where Do These Summits Happen ? 

A variety of youth summits are organised every year which provide exciting opportunities to the youth. These global youth summits happen all around the world in various cities like Zurich, Switzerland; London, United Kingdom etc. 

Here is a List of Upcoming Global/World Youth Summits in 2020 !




Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Global Changemakers is a Zurich-based international youth organisation pioneering in supporting youth-led sustainable development. They provide development of skills, mentoring, capacity-building and grants.

The 2019 Global Changemakers joined a large network of over a 1000 young changemakers who are working to make a difference in over 180 countries.​

They’re working to create a positive change towards the formation of an inclusive, fair and sustainable world, led by the youth.

The Global Youth Summit 2019 was organised from 13 to 19 July in Zurich. 

60 proactive, dedicated and enthusiastic 18-23 year olds joined the summit. It was a life-changing week of networking, learning and fun alongside the world’s most inspiring young leaders.

  • Applicants should be passionate about making the world a better place. They should have taken steps to realize their vision and should be planning to continue their work. 
  • Applicants should be interesting, determined, motivated and enthusiastic young social entrepreneurs, activists, volunteers, campaigners and community organizers who are working towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals across the globe.
  • Applicants, from any country, should be between the age of 18-23 years old at the time of the summit.

The organisation covers the following costs if applicants are selected for a scholarship:

  • The attendee’s flight to the host country
  • Transportation costs from Zurich to the summit
  • Accommodation costs
  • Food costs

*Insurance and additional personal expenses, as well as visas to enter Switzerland are not covered.

Application Procedure
Step 1: Record and upload the two-minute application video.

There’s a high number of applicants hence they only use the application videos during the first round of selection. It is important to read the video instructions before proceeding further.

The written answers from the application form are used for the second and the final rounds of selection. Once the video has been made and uploaded, copy the link to add to the application form.

Step 2: Pay 35USD application fee.

You can pay using Western Union, PayPal or a credit/debit card. The applicant must keep their PayPal transaction ID/card payment order number/Western Union money transaction number to add to their application form. 

Step 3: Complete the written application.

It should be duly noted that the application is not complete until the application form is submitted, before the deadline closes.
Applications close at midnight Central European Time (GMT+1) around February of the year the summit is going to be held in.
The application form cannot be saved to continue later, so it is suggested that the applicant create an offline copy of their answers, in case. 

Step 4: Submit the application.

Only once the written application form is submitted, along with the link to the application video and proof of payment of the application fee, will the application be complete and sent to the selection team for consideration.
The applicant will receive a confirmation email on the submission of the form. If not, the applicant should check their spam folder. If you have still not received the email, the applicant must contact the Summit to correct this.

Step 5: Selection Results are announced

It will be informed via email to the applicant if they have been selected or not.                    It must be ensured that ‘’ is added to the applicant’s email providers “Safe Sender” list so that the email does not end up in the spam folder.
The selection results will also be announced on the social media channels of Global Youth Summit.                                                                                                                  Applications that do not include a two-minute application video or proof of payment of the application fee will unfortunately not be considered.



Location: South Africa, Johannesburg

The World Youth Summit, held biannually in any part of the world, is a three days United Nations simulation for international students.

The 2nd edition was held in South Africa, Johannesburg from September 30-October 2. The SDG 4 “Quality Education” was one of the focus areas for the same. 

During these days, participants or delegates assume the roles of world leaders and influential decision makers and engage themselves into the dynamics of international relations. The delegates are provided with opportunities to improve team-working, negotiation, leadership, public-speaking and various other skills. 

  • World Youth leaders from 13 to 18 years old, between 19 to 27 and 28 to 55 years old are welcomed to WYS.
  • It is mandatory for all delegates to be enrolled in any educational institutions (School, College/University etc.), or to be working for any national or international organization.

The organisation covers the following costs if Applicants are selected for a scholarship:

  • The delegate registration fee to attend the Summit and its events (Ambassador’s Dinner, Cultural Night and City Tour) will be covered.
  • Accommodation from a day before the Summit starts to the last day of the Summit.
  • Three Meals per day during the 2019 Summit.

*Please note that travel and visa expenses are not included in the scholarship. Expenses related to travel and visa, such as air tickets shall be arranged by the selected delegates on their own. 

Application Procedure:

For their registration policy, click here.

For the 1st round, 3 scholarships have been made available. The selections for these is merit-based ;after the Secretariat reviews the form and the video sent in by applicants.

Videos should not be longer than 90 seconds and should answer all mandatory questions. The videos that are longer than 90 seconds will not be taken into consideration.

A 10 US$ (dollars) fee must be paid and the receipt must be send to: for the Secretariat to review and consider your application.




Location: London, United Kingdom

The most dedicated and talented young leaders from all walks of life are brought together at the annual One Young World Summit where they make ever-lasting connections with peers from almost every sector, industry and country.

Outside of the Olympic Games, no youth-led movement represents as many nationalities as the One Young World Summit.

During the Summit, innovative solutions to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals are reached on through debates and talk.

Many world leaders act as One Young World Counsellors where they hear and heard by delegates. Some past counsellors include Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Justin Trudeau, Kofi Annan, Mary Robinson, Sir Richard Branson, Bob Geldof, Emma Watson, Meghan Markle and Professor Muhammad Yunus.

The One Young World Summit 2019 was held in London, starting October 22nd


Via a competitive selection process, young leaders are selected based on proven leadership ability and impact. One Young World’s priority is building a diverse international community with a wide range of scholarship schemes available. 


One Young World is committed to ensuring that the opportunity to attend the summit and to apply for core scholarships is available to as many people as possible. They are working with their partners to create further scholarship opportunities suitable for candidates with a range of backgrounds and skill sets. 

Application Process
  1. Attend with a partner organisation: More than 500 of the world’s leading organisations including Fortune 500 companies, foundations and top universities have partnered with the One Young World Summit. By sponsoring talented young leaders to attend, they play a vital role in the summit. 
  2. Attend on a scholarship: By filling the form available on the website, the applicants can apply for a scholarship. It should be noted that registering one’s interest does not mean having applied for a scholarship – the applicant will need to submit an application.
  3. Attend independently: The applicant can either pay the delegate fee themselves, or find an organisation, or individual to sponsor them.
  4. Attend as a Returning Ambassador: If the applicant has already attended this summit before, they can apply as a returning ambassador. 




Location: Washington D.C., USA

More than 550 technical experts from 60+ countries committed to advancing the social and economic well-being of young people globally convene at The Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit (GYEO).

To increase the impact, scale, and sustainability of youth economic opportunities programming, policies, and partnerships around the globe, change-makers, innovators, and leading technical experts join the Summit. 

The summit that takes place annually,  took place from October 1- October 4 in 2019 in Washington D.C.


Participants in the GYEO Young Leaders program will:

  • Connect with an international network of experts, peers and potential mentors who share their commitment of service towards their communities.  
  • Grasp critical leadership topics such as healthy relationship building and mentorship, effective communication, and how to build and maintain social networks to support their goals.
  • Network directly with experts to put their leadership skills into practice through one-to-one and group mentorship activities.
  • Learn various things by doing and applying the skills developed through the summit.
Application Process:

Thanks to the hundreds of organizations and individuals who co-invest in the summit through the contribution of financial and in-kind resources, every year since 2007, the GYEO Summit has operated on a demand-driven and sustainable basis. To read up more about their registration and application process, please click here




Location: Singapore

Students from all over Asia get together annually at ASLC to learn the importance of being a leader and to become change makers in their communities.

This conference is sponsored by Youth Ambassadors (YA), a social enterprise established to empower the youth and to realize their inner potential to become leaders by having compassion, courage, energy and wisdom. 

  • Provide an opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people
  • Improves Leadership and public speaking skills
  • Serves as a platform to provide opportunities to Asiatic youths to empower them to improve their communities​.

The conference welcomes youth aged between 14 – 22 years old only. You should have a basic command over the English Language.


It cannot be stressed enough that such conferences provide a cutting edge to students and gives them a learning curve on how to conduct themselves on an international level. If you think you have what it takes to be a young leader, apply now, thank me later. 😊 


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