“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed;

By the things that you didn’t do than  the ones you did.

So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.”

— Mark Twain

Imagine the Feeling, if you get a job abroad , to work in an amazing city.

 Well, we totally understand all of us will surely be interested in working abroad; so Precisely brings to you some tips and tricks to find a job abroad  and make your overseas dream come true.

Firstly, let us understand : The process of working overseas depends upon a lot of things: the country you prefer, the kind of job you go for, whether you wish to stay for a limited time or settle down there.

Before directly jumping onto screening through lists and applying for random international jobs, determine your needs and make up your mind accordingly. 

I. Know Why Are You Trying To Find A Job Abroad

Everyone has their own reason to find a job overseas. It might be completely personal or as professional as anybody else’s. Whatever be the motivation to drive you abroad, you would probably lie among one of the two here:

i. Career Growth:

International work experience is something each one of us would want in our resumes. It not only enhances the CV but also provides us an exposure into the world outsides our homes.

You lie in this category if :

  • You don’t have plans to completely settle;
  •  want to boost your career opportunities
  • Working Overseas for a limited period of time


ii. Relocation:

You might want to immigrate to a new city outside your country boundaries, either to show off among your family and friends, gain familial and self confidence, build your personal and professional career or simply starting your life anew. All of these include shifting to abroad and going to a new city or country for personal or professional reasons or both.

II. Choose Your Dream City

We all have few favorite places in the world that we have dreamed of travelling to. Either travelling or living there, we do need to have a bank balance to enjoy without the stress of running out of money to get back home.

So why don’t we just settle in and work while living our dream life?

Your destination must make you an asset to your industry and your career must bloom with the experience. Of course, none of us wants to find a job abroad that does not compliment our work profiles.

Consider your expertise, skills, background and the potential of the industries around the globe while to find jobs abroad and you may come across a city that totally goes with your needs.

Screen your personalized list of best places that you should go for via the latest annual Expat Explorer Survey Portal by HSBC. This amazing survey would help you with this crucial decision by categorizing places on the basis of your requirements: experience, economics, familial ease and safety. 

For instance, if you are looking for fashion related jobs abroad, your destinations must be New York, Milan and Tokyo, and for these cities have immense options for the fashion industry.

If your resume has an internship or job with an international fashion brand in India per se, going for that brand’s native country would be the best idea, for you have the expertise knowledge and practice that the country demands in fashion.

Your aim to find jobs abroad should be to look for a city that has better opportunities along with a higher standard of life. 

III. How To Find Jobs Abroad?

Finally, now comes the most tiresome task to find jobs abroad from India, i.e., searching and applying for international jobs and landing into an overseas position of your interest. Here is a list of some of the many ways to do the same:

i. Through An Agency Or Professional Job Consultant:

If you are a beginner and lack knowledge of where and how to apply for jobs abroad, seeking the help of a program provider to grab an international opportunity.

Agencies and experts give you the best career consultancy and aid you in polishing your CV, getting your visa permitted along all the required documents, and even boost your self confidence and international knowledge you need.

They do charge high fees, but the services they provide will ensure you recovering your bank balance once you start your working abroad.

Alliance Recruitment, Pioneer Travels are some of the recommended and recognized job consultancies in India that would be your companion and guide throughout your journey to abroad.

ii. Through Job Fairs and Events:

Annual job fair events and career expos are held in numerous universities, companies and hotels attended by employers and recruiters from across the globe.

You may be lucky if you happen to connect with international recruiters directly and impress them with your talents and skills. To keep yourself updated, keep a check over Facebook and LinkedIn feeds for any of these career fairs in your city.

iii. Through Personal Or Professional Networks:

Today, getting genuine job referrals from family, friends or colleagues prove to be the best way to find jobs abroad. If someone you know is settled abroad, you may try to get a reference on the professional confront that compliments your LinkedIn profile.

Otherwise, create an irresistible LinkedIn profile, expand your circle and connect with ties that will help you in genuine internal referrals.

The least you would be able to do is to voice your ideas and thoughts on their business and impress them; who knows where conversations might lead you to.

iv. Through Online and Newspaper Advertisements:

Once you start searching online or in newspapers for international job openings, you will know booming opportunities are waiting for you.

Keep yourself up-to-date with what is going on in the world, which market is increasing, which companies top the world and what ventures hire global employees on a regular basis.

Spend your time googling or searching through job portals like Naukri to get an idea of where to apply. Company websites also provide information of desired candidates, future vacancies expected and even allow aspirants to mail their resumes in case of no openings.

You may also look into the job section in the newspapers for a regular habit of checking for openings abroad.

v. Through Work Exchanges In International Companies In India:

Grab internships or jobs in the MNCs here in India and grow with them.

There are high chances that you might land up in an opportunity to get an international transfer through a work exchange program and get to work in the native country or other countries the company is settled in.

This can anyway help you get amazing experience on your CV . Consequently ,increase your chances to get a call revert from international recruiters.

Some Factors To Be Kept In Mind

Once you choose your desired destination keeping in mind your interests and requirements, you would want to know if your present skills are sharp enough to help you survive in an alien city. These include foreign business languages, working visa permit, unrecognized experience or educational qualifications.

i. Foreign Business Languages:

The most commonly faced communication barrier by aspiring job seekers is language.

Even with English as the international language, the incapability to converse in the native or local language of your destined country can limit your professional approach, resulting in stressed rejections more often.

To save yourself from these restrictions, enroll into the required language courses before it is too late.

Devote time in learning and polishing your language skills before applying for a job abroad.

Otherwise, you may try your luck by searching and applying for positions that do not require the local language as one of the must-present criteria.

ii. Work Visa Permits:

Certain international companies restrict the employees from certain countries so as to not get into the issuing of work permits. For instance, being a non-European citizen , getting a visa and legal permission to work  in Europe is difficult.

Your focus must be on the companies :

  • that are permitted to issue work permits
  • aid in getting a visa passed from the country’s authorities.

Getting a work visa permit might be difficult . Therefore, look for other options in your aspired industry or try a working holiday visa. 

Eligible for seekers aged 18 to 35 :  a working holiday visa is for those who do not wish to settle abroad permanently ; and can stay in the desired country for up to two years.

Especially suitable for those who want to have international work experience in their CVs.

It will help you stand out from other candidates once you come back and apply in India. It will also enhance your interview answers and personality.

So, if you do not know where to go to:

  •  try a couple of places through a working holiday visa
  • know which country suits you the best.
iii. Unrecognized Experience or Educational Qualifications:

The graduation in India has mostly three years of Bachelor’s degree. As a result, you might face problems in being eligible to apply to countries outside India.

This is because the graduation degrees in them are for a minimum for four years. This directly removes your chance to sit in an interview for any of them.

This is sad, we know.

We would suggest you to go for countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some European countries.

Further, take a look at your own CV. Check online if your experiences and talents are recognized in the countries you are aspiring for. Consider sitting for some industry certification exams like CFA to give your unrecognized resume a polished touch.


Follow Precisely to Know how to find jobs abroad

To find jobs abroad is an exhausting process. You might have to face numerous rejections and disappointments before you succeed. The motive should be to never stop trying and improve your profile throughout the search. We wish you good luck!

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(Article Contributed by Shifali Gulati for Precisely)


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