Studying Abroad is a great prospect , but also a scary one.

Everything is New, Strange, Different.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes to deter one from going out and exploring the world.

Precisely brings you 10 Reasons to Study Abroad !

1. Interdisciplinary Approach

One of the perks of study abroad is the exposure to Interdisciplinary system of education.There are lesser boundaries between subjects

A student from social sciences or arts background has the freedom to shift to sciences without ease according to his interest and knowledge.

Universities abroad are liberal towards this approach. You need not regret your past choices of subjects or field.

2. Values and Skills

As discipline boundaries are negligible, the focus is on developing Skills which are relevant with life and with the global market.

The approach is practical which in turns build skills and values towards what you study.

3. Exposure

New places always come with New Experiences.

Being a part of a university abroad exposes you to different culture of learning, different routine and work culture.

It also exposes you to people from all other corners of the world and understands the global scenario.

In fact, to study abroad exposes you to different kinds of technologies and infrastructure for learning apart from normal traditional classrooms.

4. Understanding Diversity

You come across people who speak other language, follow different traditions. It lets you appreciate different cultures across the globe and develop respect for such diversity.

5. Ease in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the new buzz in higher education today. Exposure being abroad gives you experiences of management and global scenario. It also helps you with an opportunity to work for a wider community. 

6. Giving Back to your Roots

While study abroad you learn different skills and that knowledge can help you come back and serve your country in a specialized field.

In addition to the above, you can also research subjects in your own country from a global perspective.

7. Employability and Salary

In the US, UK completing your degree from a university abroad opens door for employment in the same city and country. 

8. Employment in India

To Study abroad and getting a degree from top universities adds to your CV which guarantees you a job here in leading Indian corporates.

Now, any Indian who holds a PhD from any of the top 500 universities can directly become a lecturer in Indian universities.

UGC has recently introduced this criterion.

9. Learning new culture, lifestyle and languages

Living abroad lets you learn new ways of doing tasks, learn new culture and language. All such traits help you get in a new personality.

10. Global Leader  

All these reasons and your understanding and respect towards diversity helps you become a global leader. It helps you become a global citizen.

Start developing your skills and do try to pursue your interest. Good Luck!


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Article Contributed by Gandharva Mishra for Precisely.

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